I Won't Let This Take My Life

by Save Face

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Save Face is:
Tyler Povanda - Vocals
Tyler Cranden – Guitar/Vocals
Shane Dermanjian - Guitar
Chris Hranj – Bass/Vocals
Chris Flannery - Drums


released March 11, 2014

Artwork by Jess Tirone: www.facebook.com/artbyjesster
Design and Concepts by Jess Tirone and Save Face

Recording by Tyler Povanda @ Gumbi Studios. Additional Recording and Engineering by Mike Oettinger @ Cannon Found Soundation. Mixed & Mastered by Jesse Cannon @ Cannon Found Soundation.

We'd like to thank our families, Jesse & Mike, Jess, Cub Rat, the almighty Stampfl brothers, Ang, Rob, Dana, Clayton, New Res Hall, the chapel, and our barber Scissor Mance. We'd also like to thank On Your Marks, Cross Town Train, North Runner, Batten Down The Hatches, Coming Clean (RIP), BRIGHTENER, One Fell Swoop, Random Holiday, and the Mayflower Collective.

A special thank you to every band that has let us borrow gear, every photographer who has taken photos during our set, and every single person who has given our music a chance. This is for you.



Mayflower Collective New Jersey

Mayflower Collective is an independent, DIY media and entertainment group founded by the members of Cross Town Train and On Your Marks.

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