Save Face // My Heart, My Anchor

by Save Face // My Heart, My Anchor

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Photo by Jim Brindley
Layout and design by Tyler Povanda and Chris Flannery

CD artwork by Jess Tirone

Recording and Engineering by Mike Oettinger @ Cannon Found Soundation. Vocal tracking by Tyler Povanda @ Dark Sound. Mixed & Mastered by Jesse Cannon @ Cannon Found Soundation.

Thanks to Jesse & Mike, Michael Bridgett, Jess, Mayflower Collective, Ang, and everyone who has shown either artist support of any kind.


released May 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Mayflower Collective New Jersey

Mayflower Collective is an independent, DIY media and entertainment group founded by the members of Cross Town Train and On Your Marks.

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Track Name: Save Face - Brain
I don’t know a damn thing that goes through your head. No, not anymore. Not ever again. It must have been something I said, while you tore away at what’s left of the paint on your bedroom door. So I’ll tear away at the pain that I try to ignore day after day. You sure do know how to push me away.

And if I went to start all over, would it even make a difference in your brain? Tell me you can’t just start all over. When you made up your mind, you did so permanently.
Track Name: Save Face - Drown
I’m unraveling like a thread. But in a far more literal sense, that screams of elegance. Yeah, it had us screaming. I guess that’s just the way it is, contemplating things I wish I didn’t know exist. I guess “it is what it is” will have to suffice when you left me to my own devices. Why’d you have to go and drown me out? You were the last thing that kept a mess like me halfway put together.

Save a spot on the sidewalk just for me. I’ll paint it with contagious thoughts. Just don’t forget to scrape me off. You always drown me out, again and again.

You were the last thing that kept me halfway put together. And when you’re just too late, will you come and scrape me off the sidewalk?

I doubt it.
Track Name: My Heart, My Anchor - Never Be
Coming to terms with my past, those years I swore to never let go. I'm still afraid to look back and face the fears I'd never promote. Keeping secrets, housing deep regret, forgetting all the time I spent alone. Wasting away. With this weight on my back, is it too much to ask for some type of sign or peace of mind, I've got nothing left to sacrifice.

I have nothing left to sacrifice

I know that I'll never be, more than what I tried to be.
Track Name: My Heart, My Anchor - When I Was Younger
When I was younger, my father taught me how to stand. He told me "plant your feet, I'll hold your hands."

Got lost in the sky, as I was sorting through the clutter in my mind. Face my struggles, face my fears, and all the pain throughout the years won't get the best of me. No, not the best of me.

So now I'm older, the world got colder and misplaced. I wish I could've had you for just one more day. I had to learn on my own (all) the things you wish you could have shown. Never thought I would make it all alone.

I watched the world burn. When I let you slip away from me, I failed to realize how hard growing up would be. Wherever you are, I hope you're smiling down on me. Wherever you are, I hope you're happy.

When I was younger, my father taught me how to stand. He told me "plant your feet, I'll hold your hands."